Promotion Terms & Conditions

The Dunes Port Hughes 2018 Summer Marketing Promotion
Terms and Conditions

The following short-term promotional offer will be made publicly available by TDCC Holdings Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries (‘the developer’) to purchasers of land within The Dunes Port Hughes residential development:

  • The developer will refund up to 10% of the list price of any lot with a list price over $100,000;
  • The developer will refund up to 5% of the list price of any lot with a list price equal to or less than $100,000.

The following terms apply to this offer:

  1. A binding land sale contract using the standard form contract for The Dunes Port Hughes must be executed by the purchaser prior to 30 April 2018 and a deposit paid prior to 15 May 2018.
  2. If the land sale contract is subject to certain conditions such as finance, sale of another property or other conditions acceptable to the vendor, these conditions must be satisfied no later than 30 June 2018, such that the purchase contract is unconditional by no later than 30 June 2018.
  3. Settlement of the land sale contract must occur on or before 30 September 2018.
  4. This offer does not apply to an allotment that is subject to another promotional offer (including the Stage 1C presales allotments).
  5. The refund will be reflected as a credit to the land purchase price or a rebate paid on settlement at the purchasers election.
  6. Any rebate payment is subject to completion of settlement at the list price.
  7. Where a purchaser offers a price for an allotment less than list price the developer reserves the right to vary the amount of the refund.

The developer retains the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time.

For further information, please contact: Seah Williams Project Sales Consultant Phone: 0428 620 379  or CLICK HERE to email


Download Terms & Conditions: 

Summer Promo Terms & Conditions Summer Promo Terms & Conditions (51 KB)